Aara Meghjee

Aara's story

Aara was born on 30th October 2016, and was diagnosed with RTS on 24th January 2018, and how that changed our life for the better as a family.

Aara is a fun, loving, head strong 4-year-old with a beautiful smile and a good flock of hair. Her unique personality and strong stubbornness defines how determined she is to always progress in life.

Aara has been through numerous tests, she started off her first year of life by being looked after by 15 different professionals within the NHS and gradually over time this has decreased to 10, which to us feels like progress.

At present Aara uses Makaton signs to communicate at home and at nursery. Her key interests are, climbing soft play obstacles, playing on swings in the park, loves swimming in her floaters, shows a lot of interest playing with sand and water as well as messy play, likes books to be read to her with flaps and loves dogs from far!

When we received Aara’s diagnosis my initial thoughts were ‘will Aara ever walk and talk?’ And the truth is you won’t know until it happens, and even today I will never know what Aara’s future is going to hold.

There are times where she makes great progress in certain areas of her development such as walking and in others areas like riding a bike, riding a scooter, walking long periods of times she just takes much longer.

Nevertheless, in four years, the key advice I can give to any parent is to fight for early intervention from the relevant professionals. For Aara the key professionals involved in her care are a Speech and Language Therapist, an Occupational Therapist and a Physiotherapist.

If something doesn’t feel right to either parent, flag it to your General Practitioner and keep highlighting your concerns, I promise you, you will eventually be heard and be referred.

Over the past four years as a family we have been blogging Aara’s Journey, if you fancy a night time read do visit Aara’s blog on rts-warrior.com. Please like share and subscribe “keeping up with the Meghjee’s” stay tuned!

Zohra Lakha & Abbas Meghjee

Mother of Aara Meghjee (an RTS warrior) & Makaton Tutor