Connecting RTS families

The RTS Support Group started off with a small number of families being contacted by Barbara Baron who kept in touch by phone and letter.

In 1986 several families produced a newsletter and started arranging annual get togethers. Over the years, the number of families involved has increased, links have been made with relevant medical professionals and experts, and events have become larger and are well attended.

The committee is dedicated in continuing Barbara’s ethos by bringing RTS families together to support each other and share information.

The map indicates the locations of RTS families who have expressed an interest in meeting other RTS families living within their area. The map does not display any personal information, only the town where the family is located.

Be part of the RTS family network

To join the family network, you need to be registered – if you’re not already on our database, you can register here.

If you’d like to be part of the family network, please email, providing your town and the first three letters of your postcode and ask to be put in touch with families in your area.

You will receive contact details of families in your area, and your details will be shared with other nearby RTS families, for you to make contact with each other.

We will also add your location to the map

We hope the family network will help families to meet and support each other on a local level.

We recognise some families may be more geographically distant than others, however even if you do not see a family nearby on the map, but wish to reach out to other RTS families, please email to participate.

Over time, more family locations will be added to the map.