Aamba's story

I am 20 years old and I was diagnosed with RTS when I was 15.

I did a supported internship in 2019; this involved NHS placements and college once a week. At first I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with the journeys to college on the bus or metro, but now I can do it by myself!

I have a mobile phone which I can use to get in touch. My placement helped me to realise that although I wanted to work with children and I really enjoy it, I can’t physically do it – I have a bad back and I can’t lift the children or get down on my knees with them.

After a year of Project Choice, I did an apprenticeship for a year in business administration for a charity. This was ideal for me as it combined business and helping people with disabilities to live independently. I am now on the foundation year of my degree and my goal is to be in employment.

I enjoy cycling, walking and swimming but I need to balance this as I can end up not moving the next day if I’ve walked too far. In lockdown I’ve been doing FLARE meetings on Zoom with people from all over the country.

FLARE stands for Friendship, Learning, Achieve, Reach and Empower.

We talk about issues that impact people with disabilities, such as accessibility, mental health and EHC plans.

We also organise events and conferences for children and healthcare professionals. We are organising an online conference this year for children and young people. I enjoy FLARE because I got to travel to London a lot (before lockdown!). I enjoy talking about issues with similar minded people who are also passionate about these issues.

You can see Amba and other young people with RTS on this wonderful film on the FIND website.

Amba is the Council for Disabled Children’s young people’s advisory group, FLARE, which is formed of twelve 13-25 year-olds with SEND from around the UK. FLARE advises, challenges and supports the government on how SEND reforms would affect disabled children and young people directly.